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Marja Boermeester

Marja A. Boermeester
Professor of Surgery, Clinical epidemiologist
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Dept of Surgery (G4-132.1); secretary Ingrid Smet +31.20.5662766
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Project leader abdominal infections (peritonitis, acute and chronic pancreatitis, reoperative abdominal surgery, intestinal failure surgery, complex abdomen and abdominal wall)
Current trials surgical abdominal infection: OPTIMAP, DIABOLO, CARE, ESCAPE, ERIS, SEPAR, SECURE, LIFE, CLOSE-UP

Project leader surgical patient safety
Current trials patient safety: SURPASS-2, SUREPILL

Writing committee
Trials acute pancreatitis: PROPATRIA (Lancet), PANTER (NEJM), PENQUIN (Lancet), PYTHON (NEJM)
Trials chronic pancreatitis: CEPAN (NEJM, Gastroenterology)

Marja Boermeester is professor of surgery and clinical epidemiologist at the Academic medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, and principal investigator of many multicentre trials on diagnostics and treatment of abdominal infections (e.g. RELAP, OPTIMA, ESCAPE, OPTIMAP, DIABOLO). She received many grants (e.g. 10 national Health Care & Efficacy Research Grants) and trials were published in international high-ranked publications (NEJM, JAMA, Radiology, BMJ).
Her core business in GI / HPB surgery is surgery of abdominal infections (peritonitis, acute and chronic pancreatitis), surgery of intestinal failure such as enterocutaneous fistula or short bowel, late-phase abdominal reconstruction after peritonitis, abdominal catastrophes. She runs a successful Intestinal Failure Team, with referrals from all over the country.
She has fifteen PhD fellows and two research nurses under her supervision. She is member of the Academic Medical Center Research Council and Principal Investigator at the AMC, member of the writing committee of the Dutch Pancreatitis Study Group (DPSG), Principal Investigator of the DPSG section Chronic Pancreatitis, and member of several guideline committees (Antibiotics in Sepsis, Acute Diverticulitis, Peri-operative Patient Safety, and Diagnostics of Acute Abdominal Pain).
Also national coordinator Pancreas Pearl at the String of Pearls Initiative (PSI); Councilor-at-large of the Surgical Infection Society Europe (SIS-E); member of the WHO Steering Committee on Global Guidelines for Surgical Site Infections.
She has founded the SURgical Patient Safety System (SURPASS) checklist, results of which were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2010. Hospitals in Swiss, Norway, and Sweden start with SURPASS.

Specialties: Surgery of abdominal infections, Intestinal failure surgery, Acute and chronic pancreatitis, Gastrointestinal surgery, Peritonitis, Sepsis, Patient Safety, Checklists.

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