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Stefan Acosta

Born in 1967. Medical doctor 1994. Specialist in Urology 2000, Surgery 2002 and Vascular Surgery 2007. MD PhD 2004. Associate professor in vascular surgery in 2007. Contributed to 86 original articles and 11 review articles/ book chapters. Main supervisor for three graduated students and co-supervisor for two graduated students. Main supervisor for six PhD students. Main research areas are intestinal ischemia, abdominal aortic aneurysm, thrombolysis in lower limb ischemia, negative pressure wound therapy and trauma.

Fernando Ferreira

I am a Portuguese General Surgeon with substantiated experience in critical care both in-hospital (Intensive Care Unit / Surgical High Dependency Unit) and pre-hospital Portuguese EMS (rapid response vehicle/helicopter evacuation). The majority of my medical training has been in Portugal coupled with a Canadian upbringing, which explains my bilingualism.

I am the Coordinator of The Upper GI Surgery Unit at Pedro Hispano Hospital, Matosinhos - Oporto, Portugal and former Chair for The Chapter of Trauma of The Portuguese Surgical Society.

I have Co-authored various book chapters and journal articles (Portuguese and International): Pediatric Abdominal Trauma, Pelvic Trauma, Extended Focused Assessment in Sonography for Trauma and Minimally Invasive Component Separation in the Repair of Large Abdominal Wall Defects.

I am actively involved in Upper GI Surgery, Complex Wound Care, Surgical Critical Care, Surgical Education, Open Abdomen Management and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.

Joel Starkopf

Joel Starkopf is professor of anaesthesiology and intensive care at the University of Tartu, Estonia, head of the department of anaesthesiology and intensive care. Since 2009 he has been acting as a Dean of Faculty of Medicine. Besides to substantial clinical practice he has broad scientific experience from animal studies to multicentre clinical trials and systematic reviews. His research has focused on gastrointestinal failure and intra-abdominal hypertension in intensive care patients, ischaemia-reperfusion of the heart; and pharmacokinetics of antibacterial drugs in severe sepsis and septic shock. He has published 62 scientific papers, and is a member of several scientific societies.

Annika Reintam Blaser

I graduated University of Tartu, Estonia, worked thereafter as a consultant in general ICU of Tartu University Hospital and later as a chief of Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in East Tallinn Central Hospital. I defended my doctoral degree 2008 in Tartu. Currently I am working as a consultant in the ICU of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland. The main topic of my research is gastrointestinal dysfunction in intensive care patients. I am a member of Executive Committee of WSACS and Chair of the Clinical Trials Working Group. I am married and have a 3-year old son.

Michaela Kollisch-Singule

Michaela Kollisch-Singule is a General Surgery Research Fellow at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. She obtained her M.D. in 2011 after first studying mathematics and is scheduled to complete her residency in 2018. Her research focus is on protective mechanical ventilation strategies and she has been using her mathematics background to study how mechanical ventilation impacts the micromechanics of the lung as well as investigating methods by which mechanical ventilation may be used to counteract the effects of intraabdominal hypertension.

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