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2004 WCACS Scientific Program

2004 World Congress of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

6-8 December, 2004

Sheraton Noosa Resort, Queensland, Australia

World status of ACS

Europe Manu Malbrain
North America Andrew Kirkpatrick
South America Paulo de Souza
Australasia Ken Hillman

Consensus Definitions

IAP and IAH Manu Malbrain
ACS Zsolt Balogh
Chronic ACS Claudia Olvera
IAP measurement Felicity Jones

Respiratory function and ACS

Respiratory System - State of the Art Julia Wendon

Cardiac function and ACS

Cardiac Sequelae - Current Status Michael Cheatham

Visceral function and ACS

Effect of ACS on the viscera Rao Ivatury

Renal function and ACS

Renal Dysfunction - State of the Art Andrew Kirkpatrick

Management of ACS

ACS in the Paediatric Patient David Tuggle
Non-operative Management Zsolt Balogh
Indications for Surgery Scott D'Amours
Anesthetic Challenges Michael Parr

Debate: "Patients with an IAP > 25 mmHg need Abdominal Decompression"

Pro Michael Parr, Ari Leppaniemi
Con Michael Sugrue
Con Rao Ivatury

ACS and critical care

Haemodynamic Monitoring and Support Michael Cheatham
Optimising Ventilation Claudia Olvera
Splanchnic Perfusion and Liver Function Julia Wendon
Recurrent ACS Zsolt Balogh
Neurological Function Scott D'Amours

Secondary ACS

Overview Andy Kirkpatrick

Haemodynamic monitoring soap box

I like to use a Swan Rao Ivatury
I like to use a PICCO Manu Malbrain
I like to use my brain Michael Parr

Debate: "Fluid Resuscitation is More a Cause than a Help of ACS"

For Zsolt Balogh
For Manu Malbrain
Against Julia Wendon
Against Michael Parr

How I do it??

Abdominal Decompression Michael Sugrue
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Ari Leppaniemi
Abdominal Perfusion Monitoring Michael Cheatham

Five key points from the 2004 WSACS

Surgery Scott D'Amours
Definitions Andy Kirkpatrick
Monitoring Michael Cheatham
Intensive Care Manu Malbrain

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